Naomi our Groomer

Welcome to Pup Culture Pet Grooming, located at both Carleton Veterinary Services and Lanark Veterinary Clinic. One on one professional pet grooming for your pup or kitty in a clean, calm environment, where medical staff are on hand if you need to have an appointment booked the same day as grooming. Our groomer is the one and only Naomi who has over ten years’ experience with all breeds and has photo evidence of our patients giving her kisses while they are being groomed!

Proper grooming and hygiene are a vital part of your pet’s health care. Regularly scheduled grooming can prevent skin and odor issues as well as keep your furbaby happy, comfortable and huggable. De-shedding treatments can keep pet fur to a minimum inside your home as well! We cater to dogs and cats of all sizes, and can provide all day care if desired, at no extra charge.

Naomi grooming poodleMany of our clients that have pets with medical conditions such as anxiety, diabetes, heart conditions, or have senior pets choose to come to Naomi at Pup Culture Pet Grooming at our clinics because we have medical staff on site all day in case of an emergency. Our staff is always ready to jump into action when needed and Naomi is skilled in knowing when to bring in a member of the medical team.


Our clinics goal is to keep all of our patients safe as well as keeping every team member safe. In doing so our clinic policy requires that all grooming patients must be up to date on their Rabies vaccination. Please feel free to ask us for more information on this requirement.

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