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Jade, one of our Veterinary Technician’s performing a Dental X-Ray at Lanark Veterinary Clinic

This clinic is in Smiths Falls, west of the Ottawa capital, and was established in 1996. Originally the clinic started out as only one unit in the building and in 1998 the clinic expanded into the building unit beside it, doubling in size.

The clinic has gone through many medical advancements in the years since it was established, including digital x-ray (installed in 2010) which allows us to take an x-ray and within minutes have the x-ray uploaded into our computers so that the Veterinarians can easily read the findings and the wait time for results are ready in a third of the time. Dental x-ray (installed in 2016) gives our Veterinarians the ability to effectively diagnose and treat the stages of Periodontal Disease in both canines and felines. A full in-clinic laboratory (updated 2016) gives our skilled techs the ability to run bloodwork, fecal’s, urinalysis and various types of slides so that we can have the results for your pet fast and efficiently. Most recently, in 2018, the veterinary hospital added a veterinary ultrasound system.

In 2010, we added a Phototherapy unit to our Orthopedic Package which assists out surgical patients with healing and decreases the amount of pain and swelling. Though our underwater treadmill and Physiotherapist is located at Carleton Veterinary Services, we began the Phototherapy at both locations to better assist our patient who have undergone orthopedic surgery.

On July 27, 2015, Dr. Haerishton Lima and his wife Vera Lima, purchased Carleton Veterinary Services. Dr. Lima had moved from Brazil where he worked as a Veterinarian in 2007, to come to Canada to work as a Technician. In 2013 Dr. Lima successfully obtained his Veterinarian License with lots of hard work and the support of his family.