Dental care is extremely important! The more we educate ourselves the more we want to educate our clients. That’s why we have developed a dental program where our veterinarian Dr. Lima spends an entire month performing dental procedures at a discounted rate: 10% off Dental Procedure, 10% off Dental X-Rays and a free bag of Dental food! Check out our video!

Puppy and Kitten Package

At both clinics, we provide a special advantage for new pet owners! These packages take the necessary beginning costs of getting a pet and we take a huge bite out so that you can enjoy the first stages with your pet and create wonderful memories.

Puppy Package Details                             Kitten Package Details


Hero Package

Our Hero Package recognizes all our brave heroes for doing the jobs that many of us cannot.  What the clinics can do for you in gratitude is to provide the best care for your beloved pets.  Whether they are service or companion, we offer a discount on services provided to make sure they are taken care of with gold star medicine and full hearts.  Thank you for your service!  We support you!


More commonly known as “Vaccine Appointment”, we choose the term wellness because a visit with the vet isn’t just about a poke with a needle. With us, it is a time where the Vet examines the patient from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail (probably gives a treat or two!), talks to the client and educates them about any questions they might have and of course discusses any concerns that may arise in the exam. In this wellness appointment, we also provide and complimentary nail trim, offer 30 days of free pet insurance and for nervous cats we provide an exam room with Feliway which naturally calms anxiety in our special felines.

Weight Loss

Weight Control? … for pet’s?… YES! Weight causing health complications is not just for people, dogs and cats are developing health issues at alarming rates in the recent years, including: heart disease, bone issues, liver and kidney complications. At our clinics, we can make weight control fun for our pets with our weight loss program “Big Dog 2 Hott Dog”!


Remember that adorable addition to that family? So, cute and loveable! Well, training is just one of those things we all must go through as pet owners. So not only did we provide an awesome Puppy/Kitten Package, but we took it one step farther and gave the option for enrollment in our Behaviour Course! A one month program where twice a week our very own Vet Tech who is a registered R+ Obedience Trainer will help you and your pet accomplish the basics without the stress!


We understand that you want as many years as possible with your beloved pets – we want that for you as well! Our equipment and qualified staff can help with our Geriatric Package which aids in preventative care. Take advantage of our services and provide your loved pet with bloodwork, to check liver and kidney function, plus a T4 test, which check thyroid function, and a Urinalysis that tests levels such as pH in the urine.


Ticks, Fleas, and Heartworm – OH MY!

Did you know that there are four different types of ticks in Ontario as well as four different types of tick-borne diseases?  All of which have their sights on our pets (and are not oppose to humans either!).  By August of 2017, there were close to 700 Lyme positive dogs in Ontario!

Did you know that only one female flea produces 40-50 eggs in only one day? And if one pet in the house has fleas, all pets will need to be treated to get rid of those itchy-creepy-crawlies.

Did you know that in August 2017 there were 130 dogs in Ontario alone that were tested positive for heartworm?  Not to mention, heartworm is transferred to dogs by mosquitoes, and it can take anywhere from 12 months to 6 years for symptoms to show!

Did you know that there are six different types of intestinal parasites, four of which are transferable to humans?  Even strictly indoor pets are at risk of intestinal parasites and fleas by eating rodents and flies.  In fact, even you can bring parasite eggs indoors on your shoes!  Just think of all those beautiful kisses you and maybe your children share with your pet… mmmm!  Parasites!