Making gold-star medicine available anytime

The internet is moving forward daily – so are our electronics. Though we strive to keep our clinics heart the center of all our medical care, we also understand that our clients need to have easily accessible and constant options available to them.

And so, we molded our modern online tools to work with our “at home”, rural heart clinics to provide multiple options!

Appointment Booking Options

Online Food/Medication Ordering

Our clinics own VetStore gives a whole new meaning to the term “online shopping”! Follow the link to our clinics stores and create a personal account to order food, medication, toys and other pet supplies.

With online ordering you can even set up automatic reorders and receive your food orders at a discount! Does it get any better than that?

Yes! It does actually! On food orders more than $100 there is free shipping to your home. If your order is less than $100, have it shipped to one of our clinic locations for no shipping costs.

Payment Assistance

The joy of owning a pet can momentarily be forgotten when faced with an emergency. In these moments clients can be faced with uncertainty and fear about the unknown.

At Carleton and Lanark Vet we strive to make sure that our patients are protected in every way they can be. We do this by of course offering gold-standard medicine and having our heart in the core of everything we do. We constantly educate ourselves and put that education into practice.

Our clinics practice offering pet insurance where we can submit claims online directly in clinic. For patients that use Trupanion insurance we are able to know and process claim approvals within five minutes.

For situations where pet insurance is not available, our clinics work with a third-party financial company, Petcard. After an online application is filled out in clinic, we are able to know if an application is approved within 15 minutes. This agreement is then between our clients and Petcard where payments are automatically withdrawn from the client’s account by Petcard providing peace of mind.


Carleton, Lanark Veterinary Services email communicationPlease download our PetDesk app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

When a file is made at either of our locations, the email provided is automatically added to our PetDesk database and based off the clients pet’s information, an email will sent whenever a patient is due to be seen. Of course we can’t forget to mention the Birthday emails! It is important to make sure that you receive your “Welcome” email when your file is made at our locations so that you can receive these notices. If you do not receive this email after 24 hours, please call our clinics and one of our team members will gladly help you.

This system is also used to let clients know about any offers and/or discounts happening in clinic. Almost every month there is an exciting promotion happening to help clients give their pets the best medical attention at the best cost.


Social Media is an essential tool for instant communication. We are able to communicate better with clients, address issues instantly, help create awareness for pets or members of the community in need, and more!

This form of instant communication is where our clinics advertise discounts, offers and even create some really fun Challenges! These Challenges are used so that our amazing clients can have a chance to win free gifts or discounted services.

We also use Facebook as a way to communicate if our clinics need to close suddenly due to poor weather conditions. It offers us the chance to let our clients know our holiday hours, if we have to close early or open late. It lets us educate our clients about the seasonal dangers (extreme heat in the summer, or extreme cold in the winter) and even the holiday dangers of what our loving pets could possibly eat that could be potentially fatal.

It really is an amazing thing to be able to reach you all easily and to be easily accessible as well. We hope you find what you’re looking for!