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Veterinary UltrasoundOur ultrasound can help our veterinarians diagnose and treat a whole host of diseases in your pet. Soft tissue issues can be readily assessed using an ultrasound and it is much less invasive than an exploratory surgery.

Abdominal tumors, bladder stones, foreign bodies, congenital defects, abnormal bleeding, kidney defects, liver disease, biliary disease, inflammatory bowel disease, heart disease, pregnancy and more can all be assessed during an ultrasound.

Most pets are calm enough to lay on their backs for an ultrasound with no sedation so it is also safe for older or very sick pets.

When you bring your pet in for an ultrasound with us, you can expect to wait for a few hours so we get all of the images we need. Your pet will need to be fasted so no food interferes with the ultrasound being able to see every organ in detail.

Our veterinarians send each ultrasound to a board-certified internal medicine specialist to evaluate and make recommendations. After consulting with the internal medicine specialist, our veterinarians will go over everything they found and work with you to formulate the best plan for you and your pet.