At Carleton Veterinary Services/McNeely Animal Hospital we recommend Laser Therapy Treatment to encourage healing of routine and elective surgeries, dental procedures, issues with stiffness, pain management, and loss of mobility. These are just a few examples of the many veterinary medical conditions where laser therapy can be introduced to treat patients!

Our NEW Laser Therapy Treatment has been proven to be very effective in the treatment of acute injuries and chronic conditions.

Results Include:

⭐️ Very Rapid Disappearance of Pain,
⭐️ Important Anti-Inflammatory Effect,
⭐️ Timely Healing of Sprains,
⭐️ Rapid Resolution of Edematic Conditions,
⭐️ Rapid Recovery of the Structural Integrity of the Injured Muscle,
⭐️ Immediate Improvement of Local Blood Circulation,
⭐️ Rapid Repair of Superficial Injuries, such as Wounds and Ulcers.